At Soundsations, we offer innovative and inspiring programs that will help your child’s inner confidence shine through as they explore art/crafts, music, movement and sensory play. Our ‘Seven Senses Program’ is a holistic program offered through weekly classes in Logan City. We also regularly hold workshops at child care centres, kindergartens, council events and parent education sessions. Our classes intertwine themes of environmental sustainability which help educate your family on bettering our future planet.

Soundsations also offer play resources that promote children’s natural curiosity to explore, play and thus learn whilst being environmentally aware.


I forgot to say thank you so much for another great year crazy to think we’ve been coming since before **** could walk & talk. So glad I saw that poster on your fence it’s been great to get out every week for **** to play with such beautiful children and me to feel not alone in the ups & downs of motherhood.  You do such an amazing job! 👍

What a lovely way to spend our Wednesday mornings! *** loves his time at Soundsations every week and is absolutely knackered every time we leave. It’s a lovely, vibrant and comfortable space for bubs to play and engage with the most amazing teachers. We are so lucky and thankful to have found you guys and I could not recommend the classes more highly!

**** loves Soundsations. This is the best group we have attended. **** is usually a very reserved guy who is very shy. But the environment at Soundsations has brought him out, he is chatting and sharing with the other kids and participating in each of the activities. As a mother; I really feel at ease and comfortable while at Soundsations.

I really enjoy this special time each week with my son and we look forward to our group every week. Thank you Amie for creating this group and making it so affordable 💛💛💛

Professional and friendly fun. I find the educators genuine and easy going. Classes are really well balanced between structured activities and free-time play. I appreciate the safe area in which the classes are held – certainly puts a twin mum’s mind at ease. Two closed doors and a pool gate makes moving between the car and class less hectic too. I also appreciate the affordability of Soundsations.

I love these classes. I wasn’t able to put my daughter in kindy due to the medical fragility of my younger son with cerebral palsy. When he passed away earlier this year, I was keen to get my daughter into something…but also wanted to be involved. Not to just drop her off and pick her up. The Soundsations classes have been wonderful. There is no pressure on her or me. Just a chance for us to both get out and socialise, explore and learn together. Thanks so much to Amie and Karlee. You have been wonderful!

We have loved the classes. Wonderful how you cater to such a diverse group and it allows for flexibility, unlike other classes that are very rigid and so disclude many. Happy that we found your classes! ❤️

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